React Pak

React Pak

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The Most Simple, Most Reliable Camera Mounting System Available!

Are you tired of looking for that perfect tree, in the perfect spot? Just can't find it? This is where the React Camera clamp shines. Simply pick the location. Place either a T-post or round post in the spot, and attach the react camera clamp. It's that simple!

Now introducing the React Pak! This all in one unit includes the React Camera Clamp with Swivel and the X-Tend. You can run dual cameras or a camera with a solar charging panel and get even more photos from a single set-up. 

  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Stainless Fasteners
  • Back or Bottom Camera Mounting
  • 360º of Rotation
  • Swiveling Head for Elevation Tilt
  • Post or T-Post Mountable
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