About Us


Kicked Outdoors is a Minnesota based company that strives to build and provide outdoor sportsmen and women with better preforming products. We have found that in the outdoor industry there is a wide variety of good products. However, there are very few great products. We at Kicked Outdoors strive to make our products great. From our React Clamp all the way to our Old School Mount. We have them all!

Our first product, the React Camera Clamp, was introduced to fix a common problem. Positioning your trail camera in the perfect location. The React Clamp helps you with servicing your cameras easily as well! The new clamp easily mounts to any T-post or round post, providing a quick, easy, reliable mounting platform to operate from year after year. We have introduced several other products ranging from our Old School mount all the way to our React Pak! There is not a situation that a Kicked Outdoors mount can handle!

In the future, Kicked Outdoors looks to expand into other products and enhancing the way you use them. We are continually updating and upgrading our products, so keep checking back as you never know what new product we are going to kick to the outdoors here at Kicked Outdoors!